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The second most common direction of spread of actinomycosis from the cecum to the Aristocort tissue (Fig. 4) is retroabdominal actinomycosis. Retro-abdominal actinomycosis is characterized by diffuse infiltration of cellular tissue, unusual for this infection, the absence of clear boundaries of the focus, significant swelling of the surrounding tissues, purulent fusion like phlegmon, and is often complicated by amyloidosis of internal organs. One of the most constant clinical symptoms at retroabdominal And. — psoitis (see).

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Pararectal actinomycosis (actinomycosis paraproctitis) is characterized by the appearance of a dense immobile infiltrate in the tissue with relatively clear boundaries. The resulting infiltration spreads through the fiber, abscesses, forming a characteristic tuberosity that compresses the rectum, sometimes to complete obstruction. Opening of aristocort abscesses in actinomycosis occurs, as a rule, on the skin, extremely rarely - in the intestinal lumen. A slight swelling of the mucous membrane of the rectum is revealed, a symptom of pellotization is a protrusion of a dense infiltrate into the intestinal lumen, less often - bleeding of the mucous membrane. Patients note tenesmus, constipation. Fistulography reveals a network of anastomosing fistulous tracts in the adrectal tissue.
Primary actinomycosis of the gluteal region can develop at the site of a bruise, an injection of a medicinal substance. Actinomycosis of the sacral region comes, as a rule, from an epithelial coccygeal cyst. From pararectal or gluteal tissue, actinomycosis can spread to the perineum, urinary-genital organs. Actinomycosis of the urinary-genital organs.

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Actinomycosis of the urinary-genital organs develops as a result of the spread of the process by contact or hematogenously. Actinomycosis of the kidneys is manifested by local pain, sometimes in the form of renal colic, palpable infiltrate, hematuria.